Why Aadhaar enrollment is rejected, and what is the reason.

These are reasons for rejection:


1. Name not entered as per UIDAI Guidelines

2. Photo captured in the update request is not matching withthe photo on Aadhaar

3. Age appears to be incorrect on the basis of photo

4. Relationship mismatch 

5. Photograph captured that of object/animal /Deity etc inplace of resident

6. Blank page is scanned as POI/POA/POB/POR

7. The resident details are not matching with the documentssubmitted as POI/POA/POR/POB



8. Document scanned as part of enrolment is not legible/notreadable.

9. Document of another person attached.

10. Only enrolment Slip or consent slip attached , 

11. No proof document

12. No document attached, 

13. Only screen shot or random images attached.\Gender doesnot match photo.

14. Age appears to be incorrect on the basis of photo (eg:age 5 for an adult photo)

15. Full facial Photo is not clearly visible

16. Multiple Photos - with different people in them.

17. Photo has shadows / face not clear/ blurred&quot.



18. Name contains abusive words/slangs or unparliamentarilylanguage

19. Name contains Initials only or abbreviations.

20. Name contains any suffix/pre-fix in the name (like Late,Sir, Dr., Er.)

21. Name with nick name (like using Urf or two names (onename in bracket).

22. Names with Special characters or Abstract/Unusualnames.&quot.

23. Verify the address - it should be sufficient enough sothat Aadhaar letter can be delivered to




24. In case of small villages, village name should be sufficient but in case of cities, House

No./Landmark/locality/Area should have been given in additionto City and State name.&quot.

25. Photo should appear as taken live via web cam at the time of Enrolment; hence it should appear

as live photo of the resident.

26. It should not appear as taken from (i) hard copy of photo (passport photo etc.) or (ii) photo on a

monitor (iii) photo on a mobile device.

27. Resident Photo should not have any edges.

28. Photo should not contain stamp mark, reflections, mark ofpin staple.&quot.



29. Enrolment details should not include any unparliamentary/Offensive Language

30. Document name mismatch

31. Scanned Image Not of Original Document

32. Demographic data mismatch( Document data not match withentry data).